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Yamanote Line Simulation Clock

Software application "The Realtime Yamanote Clock" !

Find out which trains are at what station right now. This Flash application simulates the Yamanote line congestion diagram . Icons with train number show all trains on Yamanote Line.

World version
Japanese version

The clock refreshes the position of the Yamanote trains every 60 seconds. Or you can use the control buttons to reposition the trains in 1 minute increments. (left button: reset to current positions - center button: back one minute - right button: forward one minute)

contributed (and programmed) by: Takeji
October 2006

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Nippori platform video

from user "Japan" on Google Video
filmed July 2002

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Yamanote Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is perfect for waking out of that nightmare where you're running to catch your train and you realise you forgot to put your pants on. You know that one.

The stations are arrayed around the dial in approximate distance/time between stations (as we know, the loop isn't exactly an hour, but it's close enough) and the second hand is a spinning Series E231-500. The alarm rings your choice of six station melodies - Tokyo, Yurakucho, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku & Ikebukuro) - or a really shrill 'doors closing' bell from Ueno/Shin-Okubo. The clock sets itself (if you're in Japan) via radio time signal.

Details & online ordering (in Japanese): http://www.nissha-yumekobo.jp/ITMP/L169.html

Contributed by Kristen
July 14, 2006

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Yamanote freight line


Something you will not see very often. This is a brand new E231 set being delivered by an electric loco, but using the Yamanote freight line that runs parallel to the Yamanote line.

Submittd by: Doug Coster
June 2005

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Level Crossing


Near Komagome at a level crossing where you can find one of the few track level photo locations around the loop.

Submittd by: Doug Coster
June 2005

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Faster, faster, faster

With installation of ATC on the city's most famous line, travel times around the entire circuit will drop to just under an hour beginning in 2006. The automatic train controls will also reduce braking jolts and allow trains to run more closely together.

Read all about it at Asahi Shimbun (in English): CIRCLING TOKYO: 60-minute barrier to fall on Yamanote Line

Contributed by alert reader Greg M.
January 25, 2005

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Parallel Lines


A JR Shonan Shinjuku train seen through a Yamanote train (look through the window) If you need to stay on one side of the loop, you can take a train that's going the same direction on a parallel track.

Contributor: Rodney
Photo taken: 23 November 2004

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4 Boxes, 50 kg

Japan 2003 - 083-Small.jpg

How do you get 4 boxes totalling 50kg from Ikebukuro to Narita?

I had to move these 4 boxes from my hotel in Ikebukuro via the Narita Express to the airport. Unfortunately, there were 4 of them and only 1 of me. It was great fun scaling many many sets of escalators and stairs using a method related to "how do you get 3 sheep and 1 wolf to the other side of the river, using a small boat for two".

I did manage though, even if I almost died in the process. It was especially interesting when I put them on an escalator, 1 box every 3 steps, then ran past them to receive them again at the top before they all piled up!

Contributor: Ferit Orbay
Date: September 2003

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New controls


Ended up in the #1 car by chance so took the oppurtunity to shoot a picture of the control panel.  These are the controls of the newer model car with the video screens above the doors.


Contributor: Sean P Aune
Date: August 22nd, 11:31 AM
URL: http://www.seanpaune.com


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Night movements


On a nighttime trip back from Kanagawa, this was short video shot from my seat on the Tokaido line train heading towards Tokyo station. First you'll see a pass through Hamamatsucho station with a Yamanote train stopped at the opposite platform, then we stopped at Shimbashi station as a Yamanote train passes by, and the film ends with a Shinagawa-bound Yamanote pulling out of Shimbashi as the Tokaido train pulls away.

MP4, 1'18" 7.1MB. Download

Contributor: Kristen McQuillin
Date: August 8th, 2004
URL: https://mt.mediatinker.com

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