4 Boxes, 50 kg

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How do you get 4 boxes totalling 50kg from Ikebukuro to Narita?

I had to move these 4 boxes from my hotel in Ikebukuro via the Narita Express to the airport. Unfortunately, there were 4 of them and only 1 of me. It was great fun scaling many many sets of escalators and stairs using a method related to "how do you get 3 sheep and 1 wolf to the other side of the river, using a small boat for two".

I did manage though, even if I almost died in the process. It was especially interesting when I put them on an escalator, 1 box every 3 steps, then ran past them to receive them again at the top before they all piled up!

Contributor: Ferit Orbay
Date: September 2003

Posted on 2004年09月04日 10:23


Reminds me of the last time I rode the N'Ex.

I had 2 roller bags, one a carry on size and the other being incredibly heavy and red.

Three weeks of clothes and travel and goodies from all over Asia.

Naturally, since I had a JR pass, I took all of this on the N'Ex.

To get to the platform, I did the same thing on the escalator.

I think I'm getting sympathy pains in my shoulder now... =P

Posted by: abraxis at 2004年09月11日 07:07

Just call ABC delivery service. They will pick up your boxes, suitcases, etc. at your home, office, hotel - anyplance, When you get to Narita just pick them up at the ABC counter.

Posted by: Dick H at 2004年09月16日 10:30

How much does it cost? Got a link?

Sounds great, as long as it dun cost too much yen...

Posted by: abraxis at 2004年09月17日 12:11

It is Y2100 up to 20kg.
Site is here: (Japanese)

Posted by: Dick H at 2004年09月25日 02:01

Yes, one thing I learned while living in Japan is I always shipped my luggage ahead of me.

Posted by: digiturtle at 2004年09月25日 15:35

Even years later, in my dreams, I recall travelling with big heavy things on JR lines.

Posted by: Maktaaq at 2004年10月05日 16:12