June 27, 2003
Color match

I spent last weekend painting color wheels and mixing colors to match fabric. Here’s the result of 8 hours of work last Sunday. Not perfect but I learned a lot and used up all my yellow paint in the process.

Don’t see much yellow, do you? But it’s there. The browns and beiges are based on yellow and violet mixed together with varying amounts of white and red. The green leaf has yellow and red in it. Even the red-violet colors have yellow in them. But nowhere in this painting is there any blue—mainly because I had violet and alizarin crimson paint so I dind’t have to mix those colors myself.

Today we’re painting a monotone. I guess mine will be red, but not orange, chartreuse or dull purple, all of which contain my missing color. I think I’m going to run into trouble when we paint a still life tomorrow and Sunday.

Posted by kuri at June 27, 2003 06:00 AM


I can loan you some yellow glass either in sheet form or frit. You can grind the frit really fine, mix it with gum arabic and water to make a paint. Maybe it would be easier to just go get some more yellow.

Posted by: Dad on June 27, 2003 08:41 PM


Posted by: UltraBob on July 1, 2003 01:26 AM
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