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Tink's many jobs

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Months ago in Bangalore, my friend and colleague, Karthik, asked me about what sorts of jobs I've had. I started recounting them. it was a fun exercise in memory and I recalled all sorts of work adventures. I was sure I didn't remember everything so after our conversation, I made a list. It started out sort of chronological, but it isn't really in any order by the end. Anyway, there are fifty eight things I've been paid to do since I started working at 15.

  1. Babysitter

  2. Lifeguard

  3. Aerobics instructor

  4. Camp program assistant

  5. Tutor

  6. Video rental clerk

  7. Bartender

  8. Photocopier

  9. Retail sales

  10. Teacher

  11. Secretary

  12. Desktop publisher/designer

  13. Corporate marketing/events

  14. Stage manager

  15. Telerama school director

  16. Prep cook

  17. Academic computing trainer

  18. Academic IT manager

  19. Feature writer

  20. Interviewer (journalist)

  21. Academic courseware developer

  22. Webmaster

  23. Year 2000 test center manager

  24. Entrepreneur

  25. Scriptwriter

  26. Camera operator

  27. Boom operator

  28. Gaffer

  29. Continuity girl

  30. Video editor

  31. Logo designer

  32. Graphic designer/illustrator

  33. Model

  34. Narrator/voice actor

  35. Ghost writer

  36. Jewellery maker

  37. Translator

  38. Fixer (video production)

  39. Brand designer

  40. CMS programmer

  41. Technical writer

  42. Test subject (cosmetics)

  43. Hoop performer

  44. Hoop dance teacher

  45. Wedding planner

  46. Costumer

  47. Yoga instructor

  48. Circus performer

  49. Choreographer

  50. Circus teacher

  51. Ringmaster

  52. Circus prop maker

  53. E-book writer

  54. Business manager

  55. Art teacher

  56. Meditation teacher

  57. HasGeek director

  58. Musical performer

No wonder I don't know what to do next. Maybe it's time to review and repeat some of the best ones.

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