Close to my heart, not on my calendar

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In an online chat with a friend this morning, I realised that with the exception of Tod, my closest friends rank among the people I see the least often. I connect with online acquaintances daily, my teachers weekly, hoopers monthly, my true friends as whim and winds dictate, and family not even annually. A few dear friends make it into the monthly category because we both attend the same events. 

Something is backwards here and I'm not sure how to fix it. By nature, I am an introvert and social interactions are not my forte but this is too skewed. Could I be afraid of being loved, being rejected, or showing my emotions? If I keep the people I care about most at a distance, then there is little chance I will be hurt by them. Hmmmmm....something to think about.

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Hi Babe,

Haven't seen you in ages it seems. Ash and I were lamenting that we hadn't seen you guys in a few weeks.

You are welcome to join Max and I for dinner any night of the week. I can't get out much otherwise.

I have to make a trip out to Ikea on Monday - public holiday. Do you want to brave the crowds with me and Max? Not very exciting but that seems to be my life at the moment.

Good friends and family just pick up from the last time you saw them no matter how long it has been. Such is the way of unconditional love and acceptance.

Hugs xxx

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