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Unexpected body work

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Yesterday in Yoyogi Park I was hula hooping while waiting for a friend when an older man holding some attractive red tasselled ropes walked over to watch. He looked interested, so I stopped and offered him a hoop, "Wanna try?"  

He shook his head and pointed at his back. "Oh, but it can be very healthy for your back, actually," I said. At which point he shook his head again and indicated my lower back. Did a little dance with his hands. He didn't really speak much, but I got the idea.

Funny that he noticed. I put my lower back out in November and it's still recovering. I haven't been hooping much as a result and it is awkward when I do. I feel lopsided.

He nodded at me, indicating that I should turn around. I did. He proceeded to lay hands on me and FIX MY BACK. 

Thank you, sir. The gentle poking and bzzzt noises you made worked a miracle. When you did it, there was no special sensation and I figured it was harmless but pointless. It hurt like hell a few hours later as I was going to bed, but today I have full range of motion for the first time in months. I have no idea what you did, but I hope you walk by next time I'm broken.

Tokyo is a funny place. You've got to be open and trusting. Good things just happen.

49 becomes 50

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Today's my birthday; I'm 49. 

Forty nine's a square, one of my favorite squares because 7x7 was the first part of the multiplication table that I memorised and always felt confident about. I loved that two pointy-angled numbers combined into two digits with the same shape - one pointed and one rounded. I don't think I thought about math like the other kids. Ask me about 9x9 sometime. :-)

As much as I love 49 as a number, I am not enamoured of it as an age. Too anticipatory, too much looking back on the past decade. Not a problem! Since yesterday actually ended my 49th year and today begins my 50th on this marvellous planet, and because math allows you to round up (I learned that shortly after times tables) I declare that I am a HALF-CENTURY old.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 16.27.41.png

Half a century is a milestone I am excited to claim. Who knew I'd last this long? Be this happy? I will be 50 in 2016, too, as expected. And in 2017 I will turn 51 because you can have too much of a good thing and I'd like to make it to 100, maybe.

So hello, fifty! I feel a tenth my age. I look nine-tenths my age. It all adds together nicely. Gotta love math.

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