Nice Day for a Walk

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The weather was so beautiful today that once I left home, I could not stop walking. From my planned errand in Iidabashi, I decided to stroll through Kitanomaru Park,. When I ended up down by the Imperial East Gardens I walked through them, too. Then the Imperial Outer Gardens to Hibiya Park, where I called UltraBob away from his desk to join me in a turn around the grounds while we chatted. 

Then I set myself a goal. I'd walk across the Rainbow Bridge! I've wanted to for a long time and today seemed ideal for a little adventure. I said goodbye to Bob and kept going south past Shiba Koen to the seaside area. I found the entrance to the bridge at Shibaura with not too much trouble and caught the elevator 7 stories up. I paced the north side of the bridge towards Daiba, where I shot the photo above. Before I reached the very end of the bridge, I ducked underneath and back across to Shibaura on the south side of the promenade. Back on terra firms, I meandered over to Mita station and caught the subway home. 

Total distance, 19.2km. 25,876 steps.

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