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Couldn't Drag Me Away

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Group Shapeshifting workshop at Florida Flow Fest

We're just returned from three weeks of travel in the US. The first week was in Florida where I taught two workshops at Florida Flow Fest. It was a delightful festival with lots to learn and plenty of people to meet. I made some nice connections there and was so warmed by people's praise for what I was teaching. Never one to accept praise gracefully, I simply opened my heart to it this time and received. It felt good.

No fun for elephants in the Village.

From Florida, we headed to Pennsylvania for a week at Mom's house. Uncle George and Aunt Gwynne were also visiting and reconnecting with them was a delight. We had an early Thanksgiving with Jenn, Helen and Reid. Not only was there a turkey dinner, but we hauled out the Fisher Price village for a reenactment of a childhood legend - the Arrest of Everyone - and played music together and spun fire in the back yard. I gave myself a lovely little snake-shaped burn as a memento of the occasion. I am strangely proud of that and hope the scar is visible for a little while.

Wild horse in Corolla, NC.

Then we were off to the Outer Banks for a family reunion with Tod's folks. We stayed in a huge house right on the beach. Dolphins swam past most mornings, and the porches were perfect for watching the ever-changing sea. We celebrated Maureen's birthday with a family dinner that Tod & I prepared: three different meats, five vegetables, two starches and two birthday cakes. It was epic. We took a Jeep tour into the northern part of the island and saw the wild horses. They roam in people's back yards.

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