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Doing Without Report #1

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Here I am, a month into my experiment and I can't say I have had great success but I am not totally failing. I think I am doing OK on the giving away part, not so great on the purchasing part. 

  • Joined Freecycle and gave away some big stuff from the pantry closet
  • Put a box of small treasure on the street - almost all gone in 24 hours
  • Replaced two worn items of summer clothing with new ones
  • Gifted power stones for bracelets at Guru-guru Camp
  • Mailed a box of treasures to a friend
  • Gave a party tent & beach umbrella to our camping buddy, Takashi
  • Created a standing desk from an easel and some scrap wood
  • Acquired another tent (the Peanut) from Tracey for GGC.
  • Bought a cooler box for camp
  • Made a lot of palm candles at camp
  • Own a new, smaller portable amp for practice and parties
  • Gave Tod a melodeon for his birthday
  • Purchased a hat
And plans: 
  • Bring out my summer clothes and trash the worn out ones
  • Reduce my shoes by half
  • Pare down to a minimum of handbags, coats, and hats
  • Host a hula hoop retaping/giveaway party
  • Plant a food garden
  • Build an outdoor kitchen with things we already have

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