R.I.P., really.

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I surprised myself today; I cried when I read about the death of Steve Jobs. I didn't know I cared. But on reflection, even though I'd never met him, his work has underpinned 20 years of my work. From Apple IIc to NeXT to my current MacBook Pro, his companies' hardware and software made my work and play possible.

I am grateful for his vision and drive. I am sad that I never thought to thank him. So I will say it here, too late. Thank you for sometimes knowing what I needed even when I didn't. Thank you for sometimes getting it wrong, too, to show me what I really did need. And thanks for unintentionally giving me a community of people who were also drawn to your aesthetic. Thank you for creating a computer that both Tod & I can agree on.

Apple will continue to deliver good products, but I think we'll all miss your mock turtlenecks and jeans.

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