The Wedding

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Some wedding highlights

What a clever and wonderful wedding Jenn & Dan planned. Both poets, they chose the reading room at the Osterhout Free Library as their venue and all the materials had a bookish and library theme.

They processed from the fiction stacks to the mystery section located at the front of the room between two leaded glass windows. The guests sat at lamplit tables.

Their friend Jim, who is not only a poet but also a minister, officiated the very brief ceremony. They exchanged rings and read their own vows which were funny (I am marrying you because you like my meatloaf) and touching (I am marrying you because I've been able to make you laugh every single day I've known you. Usually before noon.).

Then we adjourned to a charming restaurant for dinner, dancing and an entire Methuselah of champagne. Our places were set with books instead of namecards. It was a puzzle and an icebreaker to find your seat. I was Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire; Tod's book was a collection of short stories. Each book had a library card inside with the name of the recipient, so if you weren't sure, you could check.

The evening ended too soon, but not before many laughs, great conversations, a broken glass, spilled drinks and a very drunken Reverend Blackout. There are some photos and videos on my Flickr: Jenn & Dan's Wedding

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