Fennel Fruit Salad

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We spied a bulb of fennel at the supermarket the other day - just one, sitting overpriced and alone in the corner of the vegetable display - and snatched it up for salads. Last night I combined fennel with fruit for a surprisingly good dessert course salad. The licorice flavor of the fennel complimented the sweetness of pineapple and tangelo. Fresh basil, ginger and a touch of red onion pulled everything together. It is one of those salads that is definitely more than the sum of its parts.

Fennel Fruit Salad
serves 2-4

1/2 bulb fennel
1/2 fresh pineapple
1 tangelo
1 slice red onion
2 leaves fresh basil
1/4" slice fresh ginger

optional dressings
fresh black pepper
balsamic vinegar (cherry flavored)

Chop the fennel, pineapple and tangelo into bite sized pieces. Mince the ginger, onion and basil. Toss everything together. Sit it on the dinner table and ignore it while you eat your main dish and enjoy a lively conversation.

Remember the fruit. Grab the pepper grinder and some balsamic to drizzle on individual portions for variety.

1 Comment

Interesting! I have been using quite a lot of fennel lately, started experimenting with it just since ive been back here in Oz. I usually roast it with parmesan and balck pepper between the leaves, or cut it into slices, marinading it with balsamic vinegar and put it on the grill. I love the licorice flavour too, but never thought of using it with fruit - or of dressing fruit with balsamic! Im so curious now, ive gotta try!

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