Where are the mice?

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I thought it would be fun to go to a gala ball. It probably will be, but shopping for a dress is not.

I spent part of the morning running around the city looking for dresses. First of all, my hips are too small for my waist compared to Japanese women, so anything I even think of trying on has to come in a huge size to accomodate my curves. And secondly the dresses are dreadful--expensive and ugly.

So I spent the rest of the day looking online with slightly more success. The dress I really want is 70 years old, silk chiffon, and $1800 dollars (and not my size), so I think I will settle for a more modern, modest dress from some random retailer called sweatshoppromdresses or firesaleweddinggowns or fancyclothes4u. I just hope whatever I choose fits and arrives in time.

Otherwise I'm going to be wearing a sheet in the toga style. I wonder if I can drape it to look like classic 1970s Halston?

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Please post a photo of Cinderella when she goes to the ball. I like both dresses.

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