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Shortly before I was assigned to review it as part of the Peer to Peer Review Project, Kaye Ellis ended For Always. What a pity; Kaye is a promising writer. Her prose is clear and expressive with a strong voice that carries emotion. She has a natural gift that many 'blog writers lack.

In the mere seven posts available (apparently there are no archives), Kaye conveys a lot of information. A tribute to her grandmother, descriptions of her friends' searching for solace, and her own desire for job and art are balanced with frivolous musings about shopping and painting toenails. It leaves me wishing I had more to study. Kaye addresses her friends directly from time to time, noting tardy replies to e-mails or sending congratulations on new cars so I imagine she never planned for a wider audience to read this.

The design of the site is simple, but striking. The color palette echoes the dramatic cloud-spotted sky and Caribbean sea photograph she selected for the background image. A line of script along the horizon reads "and we'll dance on gilded wings where the sky meets the sea." White vertical boxes separate the periodic entries from a rash of buttons pointing mainly to friends' blogs and Orlando Bloom fan sites.

Perhaps Kaye will return someday when she feels the time is ripe and she is ready to reveal herself again.

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