Civic view

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The view from the top of the Bunkyo Civic Center is really beautiful. It's the highest building around and has a semicircular viewing lounge and restaurant on the 25th floor. We dined there last night and got a bird's eye view of our neighborhood and the metropolis.

To the west, the Shinjuku skyscrapers huddled together like very tall sheep, herded by the brilliant neon of the sleezy Kabukicho nightclubs. To the north, a vast, seemingly infinite expanse of low residential neighborhoods twinkled. The huge Ferris wheel at Odaiba peeked out between the business district skyscrapers in Otemachi and at 8:30 we watched the fireworks from Tokyo Disneyland, way off in Chiba.

We also spied another "tall restaurant" and made plans to thread our way through the city, eating in upper floor restaurants we can see from the one we're currently in. We have some spectacular views in store for us.

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