Takarazuka 1000 Days Theater

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Takarazuka 1000 Days Theater was the temporary home of the all-female musical theatre troupe, Takarazuka, while their permanent venue was being rebuilt. Their 1000 days are over, they've moved back to their original home, and the temporary building has a new use.

It's a superstore. Huge stores devoted to a single retail brand are not at all common in Japan, and to have one in downtown Tokyo is mind-boggling. The store is airy and open: a wide, white atrium lets you look up through glass walls to silver ductwork on the third floor. Riding the escalators through the space gives an overview of two floors of Muji's popular "no brand" clothing and household goods, plus a full floor of software.

I felt like I was in a suburban American store, the sort that fring the shopping malls. The new store is just as theatrical as the Takarazuka shows.

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