Shrimp can leap. The

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Shrimp can leap.

The local fishmonger always displays his freshest wares outside on the sidewalk and extorts passersby to look at the crabs waving their arms or moving their googly eyes. It's a bit disconcerting and I usually avert my gaze as I wait at the intersection there.

But when an 8 inch long shrimp made a tall, graceful arc from one side of an ice-and-sawdust bin to the other, I had to go look. Wow, those things are really lively. They have a lot of legs (you know because you peel them off before dipping into the cocktail sauce) and those legs are quite powerful. The fishmonger was delighted that I came over to peer into the containers.

"Very fresh!" he said as he reached in and pulled out a very squirmy shirmp. Understatement of the day.

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