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One stop away on the Oedo line there are two neighborhoods--Iidabashi & Kagurazaka--that I need to explore.

A lively crowd passes through the area: well-heeled young women, grungy college students, and the ever-present salaryman with a few foreigners thrown in for spice. Enticing shops (one with a fantasic array of Japanese dishes) line the streets. It's old-fashioned and fashionable at the same time.

Although they are so close that I can get there in a 30 minute walk (or take a 2 minute train ride), I've never spent time there. But after dinner of delicious French crepes at Le Bretagne in Kagurazaka last night, I think I'll be going back. Not just to that restaurant but to the others that I spied on the short stroll from the station to Le Bretagne.

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