Loose change adds up

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Loose change adds up fast around here. With coins worth up to 500 yen (about $4), the total in a change purse or a pocket can easily buy lunch or more.

Our stuffed elephants, the Zous, have been saving for a trip to America. They've found over 12,000 yen in spare change just lying around, though I think they rifle my pockets from time to time. (Why are our stuffed elephants saving for a vacation? The largest Zou refuses to go in the overhead bin and demands a seat. We told him he'd have to pay his own way. We lead a very rich fantasy life!)

Tod tries to remain "compliant" with his change-- he rarely has change that adds up to the next largest coin and he always spends all of his change. On the other end of the scale, I opened my wallet the other day to discover 2500 yen in coins mixed in with the grocery receipts.

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