I love reading. Curling

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I love reading. Curling up with a novel at the end of a long day is a great way to escape the stresses of work. Nothing beats a good reference work when I need some assistance--even the Internet isn't as reassuring as my trusty dictionary. Nonfiction challenges me to learn, sometimes in areas I've never explored.

And I like to read aloud. Speaking the written word is slower but forces me to focus on every word and to hear the author's cadence and rhythm. Every morning I read to Tod, usually highlights from the morning paper. I like to think that hearing me helps him to wake up. On some weekend evenings, I recreate old fashioned drawing room entertainment by reading from a novel. Every once in a while I read aloud when I'm alone, or simply to entertain my wool-headed Zous.

It occurs to me that if I got some training, I could read aloud for a living.

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