I hung my head

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I hung my head out the window for 90 minutes last night and was rewarded with about 80 sightings of Leonid meteors.

The best ones were jaw-dropping, luminous pink fireballs that streaked across the sky, leaving lime green smoke trails. I watched the smoke from one trail dissipate and I swore I could smell it. Tod's convinced it was the smokestack of the local bathouse, but why would the bathhouse be operating at 2 am?

Even the less spectacular meteors were noteworthy. Several of the shorter ones were turquoise like reflection of light in a cat's eye in the dark--and shaped like eye slits. Who was looking at us through them?

I even saw a non-Leonid meteor, a pale orange dotted line speeding south to north. Despite being delicately beautiful, it was dull in comparison with the Leonids.

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