"Good morning, what's for

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"Good morning, what's for dinner?" is a favorite greeting on my online hanggout. My compatriot in Chicago is just about to start cooking when I wake up. Sometimes we trade menu ideas. Once in while we discover he's about to eat the same dish I had the night before. Weird food synchronicity.

This morning, we discussed short ribs.

K> I have some short ribs to do tonight
K> haven't decided how to cook them yet.
N> broiled?
K> maybe. or perhaps simmered til they fall off the bone
N> poached in a tasty liquid
N> sear them first and poach in the deglazed goodness
K> that sounds great.
N> maybe I'll make that tomorrow :)
* N consults the Meat Bible
K> I can deglaze them with sake and flavor the liquid with soy and mirin
N> yum

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