OK, enough of being

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OK, enough of being a nabob of negativity. Here are three good things that have happened this week:

The Tuesday night DigitalEve steering committee meeting was extremely productive. We mapped out our long range goals for the next five years. 1,000 members, here we come!

Last night's Women in IT panel discussion, which I moderated, was a big success. The five panelists presented the state of women in the IT field in Japan. It wasn't an entirely positive message, but it held hope for improvement. The audience was interested and much larger than I expected. There were members of the press attending; I think this was a PR coup for DigitalEve.

An unexpected e-mail made me smile. Cynthia was my boss and my friend when I lived in Pittsburgh but our bad habits and busy lives keep us from corresponding regularly. Hearing from her makes me feel "natsukashii" (nostalgic).

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