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I tried to find something else to write about today but there really isn't anything else being reported. So here's an update on the Japanese perspective:

  • Japan offered to send a 90-person team of police, firefighters and medical personnel to assist in the rescue, but they were told they weren't needed.
  • All airmail to the US has been cancelled until further notice, as flights are simply not leaving Japan for any US destinations.
  • Former President Clinton cancelled his Sapporo speaking engagement scheduled for next week.
  • US military bases spent a day on Delta alert, checking everyone for bombs and threats, but have stepped down to Charlie level today.
  • The US Embassy reopened for business as usual yesterday morning.
  • Economic pundits fear that the attacks on the US will plunge Japan into a recession and harm US-Japan trade.
  • The Nikkei average plunged 680 points on Wednesday to close under 10,000 for the first time in 17 years.

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