"Gyo-zaaaaa! Gyo-ooOOoo-za!" I love

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"Gyo-zaaaaa! Gyo-ooOOoo-za!"

I love the food vendors who cruise the streets of Tokyo. The gyoza truck, with its delicious menu of potstickers, began making the rounds of our neightborhood this week. I smile when I see the little white van with its traditional red paper lanterns hanging from the open hatch in the back of the van. Inside the van, the gyoza man is decked out in a white paper hat and a white apron as he fries gyoza on a hot grill. The menu is limited to a few kinds of gyoza--pork, vegetable, burdock, and curry--and everything costs 500 yen per dozen.

You can't miss the food vendors as they drive around town. Like Good Humor trucks in the US, these kitchens on wheels announce themselves loudly. The gyoza truck's pre-recorded chant has the tone and rhythm of a Edo-era hawker and it sings (literally) the praises of gyoza. Oishiiiiii gyoooOO-zaaaaaaa.

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