Food for thought today.

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Food for thought today. Why does the Japanese government say nothing is wrong when Japan's first case of mad cow disease has been found?

Last month, a cow in Chiba Prefecture mysteriously fell over and could not stand again. It was slaughtered and sent for testing. Results were positive for BSE, mad cow disease.

Mad cow (BSE) is infectious. Cows get it by eating feed made with bone meal. Humans get it by eating infected cows. The incubation period for mad cow is two to eight years and it is always fatal.

But despite this first confirmed case, the government denies that there is a problem. In June, they supressed a report published by the UN saying that Japan is at high risk for an outbreak because of the sort of feed they use. Apparently, the farm ministry began testing for BSE in April. They know something's going on but their communication with the public is disingenuous. What are they hiding?

No more beef or milk for me, thank you.

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