Ah, I didn't win

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Ah, I didn't win in the Kamo-Mail lottery. Kamo-Mail is a summer greeting postcard sold by the post office and sent mainly by business to their customers. We received one from Inoue-san, our realtor.

The postcard is imprinted with a 6 digit number and yesterday (lottery day, remember?) the winning numbers were announced. Very cleverly, they announce one 5 digit number, four 4 digit numbers, and two 2 digit ones which is an easy way to get multiple prize winners without having to draw thousands of numbers.

What are the prizes? For the 5 digit winners, there's a digital camera, a handheld TV, a personal organizer. Other winners get post office gift certificates or commemorative stamp sets.

But not me. 256019 was not a winner. However, i do have a pretty postcard and something to write about today. :-)

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