My hands continue to

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My hands continue to ache and I find myself in front of the TV too much.

Last night's entertainment involved two sets of celebrities competing to guess what someone in a restaurant ordered. They watched the person order from a menu that each team also had in front of them ("Ah, I think it's on page 4!"), then the order went to the kitchen.

As one chef prepared the order ("Oh, look, slices of garlic and that chili?"), another chef prepared a most disgusting dish for the losing team. One round he deep fried eggrolls filled with pork, smoked fish, honey and wasabi then topped them with chocolate sauce; the next round it was a sticky mass of ground beef, jam, fermented soybeans, tabasco, and vitamin drink. He aimed to make the losers spit out their punishment.

It was funny to watch the contestants desperately guess what the real dish was. When the evil chef presented his dish, the losers tasted it first, with proclamations of "MASZUI!" (disgusting!) but curiousity always got the best of the winners and they tried it, too.

I wonder if it's possible to play a home version of this? I can imagine it as a kids' party game...

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