7:12 pm. Two cups

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7:12 pm. Two cups of coffee.

12:44 am. Hyperactive would-be sleeper realises her mistake.

Wow, does coffee in the morning effect me the same way? I guess it must, but it's not nearly as noticable.

Although you may think of Japan as a place where everyone drinks green tea (and they do), coffee is extremely popular perhaps for the space and atomsphere as much as for the beverage. Coffee shops give people a place to relax outside their cramped quarters. You find kissaten and cafes in every shopping area and in many residential neighborhoods--they substitute for the "neighborhood bar" of blue-collar America.

Now that I can see how potent a drug caffeine is, I'll take it easier on the night time brew. Ironically, I have a DigitalEve meeting at the Yahoo! Cafe tonight. Just one cup, for me, thanks.

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