The Kanda River

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The Kanda River is not a big river nor is it terribly important as rivers go. But it is the closest river to home and last night when I wanted to see some water (other than in the bathtub), that's where I headed.

Tokyo, being on a bay as it is, has an astounding number of waterways wending their way towards the ocean. Over the years as the city grew, many of them were redirected, diverted or otherwise tamed with human intervention. Today Tokyo is crisscrossed with a network of walled-in streams, creeks and rivers. The Kanda River is one of these. At Koraku, the expressway is way, way up above the river and the riverbanks are lined with shady walkways. I was surprised, peering over the railing at the water, to see some fish. I assumed that the river would be too polluted for fish. But apparently not.

Where the expressway turns south toward the city, the river continues east. A tributary, so completely subdued that it looks like the exit of a parking garage, empties into the river.

I wonder if Tokyo uncovered all its rivers whether people would start taking boats to work, like in Bangkok and Venice?

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