House found

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We've been househunting for two and a half months, since the fateful day in June when our landlord told us he had to sell the house we live in now. I've looked at scores of floorplans and visited about two dozen house in person.

We've finally found one to move to. The funny thing is, neither Tod nor I really likes it. It's brand new. It's smaller than our current place. It has no garden, no deck, no outdoor space. Not much character. We'll no longer have a shared office room. Networking this house is going to be a challenge. There aren't many electrical outlets.

But it has a two advantages. It's about three blocks from where we live now, around the corner from the sento, so we'll be in the same neighborhood. And the bigger advantage: taking this place means that I don't have to keep looking, which is a gigantic relief.

So why do I feel slightly sick about this decision?

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