Gang shoot-out?

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HEADLINE: 2 killed in Tokyo gang shoot-out

Are?!? Shoot-out? Guns are illegal in this country! What shocking news. I read on to discover that the shoot-out was one way. The other combatants were armed with swords.

A dozen sword-wielding yakuza went to settle the score over a business issue with the crazy people who drive the loudspeaker trucks. I always knew those creepy black trucks were bad news.

Converted buses, painted top-to-toe in black with rightist slogans painted on in white and flags flying, roam around Tokyo. The people inside shout epithets through the loudspeakers.

"Return the Kuril Islands!"
"Foreigners, Go Home!"
"America is the Evil Empire!"

And now it turns out they have guns in addition to their wacky rightist sentiments. Yikes! Oddly enough, I am not at all bothered by the yakuza with swords and knives.

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