August 26, 2008
Non-Imaginary Necklace


Of the necklaces I’ve made for 365 Necklaces so far, I think this one has been the most fun. It was a request from my friend Moritz to do what I could with the mathematical imaginary unit, i. He made it easy by giving me his favorite equation for i (see caption above) and I turned it into a very not imaginary necklace.

I used a variety of encodings and color codings. The mathematical operators (= + ^ - * )are done in 7-bit ASCII binary in silver beads. The numbers and letters are also ASCII binary, but red. The two constants, e & pi are picked out in numeric form with silver beads for decimal points (and pi is a circle, of course). I hammered some silver parentheses for a change of pace.

There are still some openings for a free necklace of your own, so if you want one, please comment on the offering post before it is too late.

Posted by kuri at August 26, 2008 03:23 PM


ooooh!!! thank you!

Posted by: mo on August 26, 2008 08:33 PM

I don’t know ASCII, but I can make a tiny bit of sense of this! (With the help of the caption). Clever!

Posted by: Rebecca in SoCal on August 27, 2008 03:12 AM

Could you send me one? I really like this

Posted by: J Mintuck on September 1, 2008 02:40 AM
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