September 08, 2006
5-minute t-shirt jacket

creative perspectivesEarlier this summer, there was a craze in the sewing/crafting world for “wardrobe refashioning,” taking an item of ready-made clothing and turning it into something else. There were some really clever ideas (here are some photos) and I wanted to play, too.

Finally, today, I grabbed a t-shirt I never wear - it’s a little too long and tight - and turned it into a jacket. Took me five minutes to get the shape right with a pair of pinking shears. Now it’s a flutter-sleeved, cutaway jacket/overshirt nd I can tell I’ll wear it often.

I liked the results enough to write up an illustrated guide to doing it yourself. Writing the instructions took 2 hours. So much for getting any other sewing done today… Now here’s your challenge. Reinvent one of your own ill-fitting t-shirts. If you like what you refashion, tell us about it in the comments.

Click for larger image, or download a printable version: 5-minute t-shirt jacket (PDF 232K)


Posted by kuri at September 08, 2006 05:48 PM


Yay! Something even *I* can sew!!!!

Posted by: Jenn on September 9, 2006 04:38 AM
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