July 23, 2006
Koi Mikuji

Love Fortune
“First Rank, Big Luck” Love Fortune

I got this from a robotic dragon-puppet fortune vending machine at Yushima Shrine. Tod & I waffled about who would get one - would I buy one for him, would he buy one for me? In the end I got one for myself, but as you’ll see it seems to suit him better.

Here’s what it says:

Love Song
The sun rises
The heart rejoices
The dawn breaks
You meet your perfect love
Your heart beats loudly

First Rank * Big Luck

Love Fortune
As the morning sun rises, you will have incredible luck. You will be bound by this love. The drumming beat of your heart will confess your love. Every time you see your love, it deepens. Your joyful day will come. Be sure to treat your family well.

Star Sign
Aries is ideal. Gemini or Cancer are also ok. [I’m an Aries; Tod’s a Taurus]

Blood Type
A or O are best. B should be avoided. [I’m type A; Tod’s type O]

Difference in Age
It’s best if there isn’t much difference in age.

Zodiac Year
Rooster is best. Horse or Dog are ok, too. [I’m a Horse; Tod’s a Rooster]

East-South or Eastern people are good. [I’m from the east coast of the US & so is Tod.]

Meeting Place
You should wait for your darling at a quiet coffee shop in your neighborhood. [I bring Tod coffee in bed nearly every morning]

You will have the best relations with the people most familiar to you.

Your happiness in marriage will depend on your desire to honor the gods.

Your concentration will suffer, but if you can overcome this point, you will do well.

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