December 06, 2005
Whiskey Health

In this month’s issue of Health magazine, there are articles on stretches for different body types, a guide to aromatherapy, how to keep your hands and feet warm during winter, and a pull-out section on the benefits of whiskey.

Yes, you read that right. “Relaxing with Whiskey’s Fragrance” is the name of the 8-page booklet. It has lovely photos of whiskey in crystal glasses, and many pretty charts proving the benefits of having a good belt after dinner. Did you know that whiskey scent is more relaxing than the smell of the forest? It’s a good blood thinner, too, improving circulation (and keeping your hands and feet warmer as a consequence).

There’s even a procedure for making the perfect whiskey mizu-wari to draw out the healthful aroma:

  1. Fill a glass halfway with ice
  2. Pour in a measure of whiskey
  3. Add mineral water in equal measure (or up to 1:2)

I guess I know what I’m going to have after dinner tonight. My feet are freezing!

Posted by kuri at December 06, 2005 06:49 PM


Instead of Whiskey, my husband enjoys SYOUCHU add some UME-vinegar.

Posted by: Mieko on December 6, 2005 09:04 PM
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