November 23, 2004
Portfolio Video Reel

Clips from Hello Tokyo November 2003

title sequence
Hello Tokyo

0’46” .mov (6.2 MB)

chapter 1
Figuring Out a Few Words

1’58” .mp4 (1.2 MB)

chapter 4

1’12” .mp4 (923 KB)

TICAD Opening October 2004. (2.2 MB MP4) duration 0’22”
Opening sequence for a World Bank speech (cut)

Andy July 2004. (1.2 MB MP4) duration 0’34”
A clip edited for a Nike marketing research project

Let’s Make Ume Shu May 2004. (29.7 MB MP4) duration 4’38”
How-to make Japanese plum wine

9F, East Tower January 2002. (76 MB Quicktime) duration 5’25”
Perot Systems Japan reviews 2001 and previews the coming year’s goals.

What is e-commerce? May 2000. (5 MB Quicktime) duration 0’30”
This clip is the opening sequence to a 15 minute educational video for UBS Warburg Japan.

31 May 2000. (98 MB Quicktime) duration 6’03”
This is a personal project, capturing a day’s events and filmed on my husband’s birthday.

Perot 1999 January 2000. (78 MB Quicktime) duration 5’45”
An end-of-year celebratory video premiered at Perot Systems Japan’s annual party.

WriteHire (336 KB RealMedia, 312 KB RealMedia) duration 0’30”
Two 30 second promos for a freelance writers’ job service.

Househunting in Tokyo (16 MB Quicktime) duration 1’00”
Setting to music the frustrating and complex experience of househunting


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Travel pieces
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Technical writing
HTML workshop
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Right Brain Research site design and implementation, including mailing list and weblog
Wordpainting site design and implementation; content coordination

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