November 23, 2004
Resume statement on work

The whole point of work is to be productive and to enjoy it. I love jobs where at the end of a long, arduous day I can say Look what I did today. I made this.

When ‘this’ happens to be a well-crafted communication, whether it’s a corporate newsletter, a video presentation, a feature article, a user’s manual or a play, then I’m most content. But at various points in my career ‘this’ has also been a workshop, a class syllabus, or a swatch of handmade felt.


Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Masters’ degree coursework. 1996.
Pittsburgh Filmmakers’. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Coursework. 1996.
Pennsylvania Institute for Culinary Arts. Pittsburgh, PA. Coursework. 1991.
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. B.S. 1988.


Videography and non-linear digital editing. Grammatically correct, engaging, written communication. Multimedia and web interface design. HTML, Front Page, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Image Ready, Fireworks, Premiere, After Effects, Quicktime, Toast, PageMaker, Authorware, ColdFusion, PHP.

employment summary

Self Employed. Freelance Writer, Videographer and Web Designer. March 1996 to present.
Perot Systems Japan. Tokyo Test Centre. July 1998 to June 1999.
Perot Systems Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific Test Centres. April 1998 to June 1998.
Duquesne University. Multimedia Consultant. October 1996 to January 1998.
Chicago Kent College of Law. Manager, Computing Services. August 1995 to March 1996.
Duquesne University. Educational Computing Consultant. July 1993 to June 1995.
Telerama Public Access Internet. Director, Telerama School. March 1991 to May 1995.
Foxholly Studios. Graphic Designer and Copywriter. March 1991 to July 1994.
McCrerey Farm, Inc. Vice President. September 1992 to June 1995.
EMCO Foodservice Systems, Inc. Marketing Assistant. August 1989 to February1991.

volunteer activities

DigitalEve Japan. International women’s IT organization. Co-leader of national chapter: February 2001 to May 2002. Technology Team Coordinator: February 2001- present
Japan Webgrrls. Volunteer trainer, November 1999 to February 2001. Annual Event Coordinator, July to October 2000.

publications and presentations
published work
  • Contributor to Todeco. 2004.
  • Contributor to Four Corners. 2004.
  • Enhancing your Computer’s Performance in Number 1 Shimbun. September 2004
  • Upgrade is an Uplifting Word in Number 1 Shimbun. August 2004
  • Backup is Not a Four Letter Word in Number 1 Shimbun. July 2004
  • Gaining a Creative Perspective in Design-in-flight. July 2004.
  • FCCJ’s Untapped resource in Number 1 Shimbun. April 2004
  • Metropolis’ twice monthly Tech Know column. February 2001 - June 2002.
  • Robotops in Metropolis Issue 417.
  • Knowledge is power in Tokyo Classified Issue 368.
  • Exploring Mac World Tokyo 2001 in Tokyo Classified Issue 364.
  • What’s Myline? in Tokyo Classified Issue 361.
  • Kiku Matsuri in Tokyo Classified Issue 343.
  • What’s Up Pussycat? A Day with Hello Kitty in Eye Ai. September 2000.
  • Craft Experiences in the Shikoku Region in Eye Ai. August 2000.
  • The Parent Trap in Tokyo Classified Issue 325.
  • Big is Beautiful in Tokyo Classified Issue 320.
  • All Tied Up: Shibori in Eye Ai. June 2000.
  • Get a Move On in Tokyo Classified. Issue 319. 6 May 2000.
  • Meguro River Walk in Tokyo Classified Issue 318. 29 April 2000.
  • Tachikui, Feats of Clay in Tokyo Classified. Issue 312, 18 March 2000.
  • The Hunt is On in Tokyo Classified Issue 311. 11 March 2000.
  • Disclosing Yourself in Japan in Regans Annual Report Review. March 2000.
  • Blossoms, Petals, Posies in Eye Ai. March 2000.
  • Historical Yokohama in Eye Ai. January 2000.
  • Mochi Celebrates the Season in Tokyo Classified. Issue 300/301 25 December 1999.
  • Niijima, an Island of Calm in Tokyo in Eye Ai. October 1999.
  • Exiled to an Island in Tokyo in Tokyo Classified. Issue 280. 7 August 1999.
  • Life in Japan travelogues. Spring 1999.
  • Yamada Reizouko Ou review in, Spring 1999.
  • Portrait of a Kissaten in Epicure Exchange, Spring 1998.
  • Spending an Allowance on the Internet in Big Blue Box, Volume 4, Number 2. Watertown, MA. 1997.
  • Chatting with Cyberfriends: Conversing a New Way in Big Blue Box, Volume 4, Number 1. Watertown, MA. 1997.
  • Cutting to the Cutting Edge of Fashion in Big Blue Box, Volume 3, Number 3. Watertown, MA. 1997.
  • Canned! Vending Machine Coffee in Tokyo in Epicure Exchange, Fall 1996.
  • Teens and Telephony in Tokyo in Big Blue Box, Volume 3, Number 2. Watertown, MA. 1996.
  • Safer Surfing: the Influence of Filters and Blacklists on Web Development in Big Blue Box, Volume 3, Number 1. Watertown, MA. 1996.
  • Impulse Freak comic collaboration. SITO, Omaha, NE. 1996.
  • Using the SamplePrep Web Service in Analytical Sample Preparation and Microwave Chemistry Research Center in Microwave Enhanced Research. Skip Kingston,, editors. American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C. 1996.
  • TICAD reception background, World Bank GDLN. October 2004.
  • CocaCola Japan Bottler’s convention modules. Media Sense. October 2004.
  • NIke marketing research project. Ministry of Culture. August 2004.
  • CocaCola Japan "People Day" modules. Media Sense. January 2004.
  • Subtitiling project. The Innovation Group. May 2003.
  • Hello Tokyo. November 2003.
  • 9F, East Tower. Perot Systems Japan. January 2001.
  • Two promotional videos. November 2000.
  • E-lifestyles promotion. Japan Webgrrls. October 2000.
  • Househunting in Tokyo. June 2000.
  • TK2K. June 2000.
  • What is E-commerce. UBS Warburg. May 2000.
  • 31, a film. May 2000.
  • Millennium Party. Perot Systems Japan. January 2000.

    View samples in my video portfolio.

presentations & workshops
  • October 2004. Writing Menus. (lesson 1, lesson 2). Media Tinker.
  • January 2004. A Brief History of Zero. Media Tinker.
  • November 2003. Tokyo, Japan. VideoCrown multimedia presentation. Design Festa.
  • August 2003. Illustrated MT Templates. Media Tinker.
  • May 2002. Tokyo, Japan. Managing Sites with Dreamweaver. DigitalEve Japan.
  • November 2001. Kamakura, Japan. IT Careers for Women.
  • November 2001. Tokyo, Japan. Digital Video Workshop. DigitalEve Japan.
  • September 2001. Tokyo, Japan. Women in IT (panel moderator).
  • June 2001. Tokyo Japan. Usability and User Interface Design. DigitalEve Japan.
  • December 2000. Tokyo, Japan. Digital Video Workshop.
  • August 2000. Tokyo, Japan. Web Publishing for Japan Webgrrls.
  • May 2000. Tokyo Japan. Intermediate HTML for Japan Webgrrls. A half-day workshop for web page creators.
  • March 2000. Tokyo, Japan. Hajimete Internet, A half-day seminar for International Women in Communiction.
  • November 1999. Tokyo, Japan. HTML Workshop. A half-day workshop for beginner web page creators.
  • December 1998. Studio Infini, Tokyo, Japan. Travelogues : Monologues. A one-woman, multimedia exhibition.
  • August 1997. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. Opportunity Knocks 97. A five-day student employee training workshop.
  • June 1997. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. Summer Institute on Teaching with Technology. A week-long multimedia development workshop for university faculty.
  • December 1996. CAUSE Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA. “Support Models for Faculty Development” poster session.
  • November 1995. EDUCOM Annual Conference, Facility Design for Teaching, Learning and Technology poster session.
  • June 1995. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. Summer Institute on Teaching with Technology. Three, week-long multimedia development workshops for university faculty.
  • April 1995. Faculty Development Resource Association, Pittsburgh, PA. Navigating the Internet workshop.
  • September 1994. PREPnet Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA. Internet Basics workshop.
  • April 1994. Faculty Development Resource Association, Pittsburgh, PA. De-Mythologizing the Internet workshop.
  • March 1993. Council of Independent Colleges, Pittsburgh, PA. Hands-On Internet workshop.
employment details

Freelance Writer, Videographer and Web Designer
March 1996 to present
Noteworthy Projects and Publications

  • On-going weekly columns (Creative Perspectives and Recipe Thursdays) at Media Tinker.
  • Video editing for Coca-Cola Japan, Nike, World Bank, Innovation Group and other clients.
  • Editing and rewriting for corporate and private clients.
  • Page design and layout of The Sumo Encyclopedia.
  • Content and technical webmastering for the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.
  • Development of Wireless Watch Japan website using PHP Nuke.
  • Content contributions to Sayaka and Kristen’s Lunchtime English newsletter
  • Contributing Editor, Metropolis.
  • Feature articles and columns with Tokyo Classified, EyeAi, Big Blue Box, Number 1 Shimbun.
  • Writing, editing and loyout of quarterly corporate newsletters for Perot Systems Japan and Perot Systems Asia Pacific.
  • UBS Warburg training video, “What is E-commerce?”
  • Year-end celebratory videos for Perot Systems Japan
  • Work for hire with Wordpainting
  • Web interface design and implementation for A Taste of Culture cooking school, Tokyo.
  • Interface design for in-house restaurant ordering system.
  • Web design and copyediting for a variety of corporate and non-profit clients.

Perot Systems Japan
Tokyo, Japan. July 1998 to June 1999.
Tokyo Test Centre Manager

  • Ensured best practice was met for Y2000 certification by educating development teams.
  • Communicated progress of Y2000 programme via newsletters, reports and intranet.
  • Scheduled and reported all Y2000 certification tests for Tokyo clients.
  • Audited Y2000 certification testing process & procedures.
  • Documented process and procedure of test centre lifecycle.
  • Managed & trained test centre staff.
  • Managed information on four local and regional intranet sites.

Perot Systems Asia-Pacific
Singapore. April 1998 - June 1998

  • Designed the Asia-Pacific Year 2000 test centre intranet web site.
  • Coordinated collection of asset management data from four regional offices.
  • Worked with Singapore test centre team on reporting and administrative tasks.
  • Sculpted with fruit.

Duquesne University
Center for Communication and Information Technology.
600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh PA. October 1996 to January 1998
Multimedia Consultant/Webmaster

  • Maintained visual and textual integrity of the Duquesne University Web
  • Liaised between Public Affairs and individual web developers.
  • Assisted faculty with multimedia projects for classroom use and distance learning.
  • Worked with adminstrative departments to develop web-accessible databases with ColdFusion.
  • Managed staff of ten undergraduate and graduate students, plus full-time coworkers
  • Developed and taught workshops on multimedia development three times per year.
  • Consulted on administrative and academic web-based multimedia projects.

Chicago-Kent College of Law
Center for Law and Computers.
565 W. Adams Street, Chicago, IL. August 1995 to March 1996
Manager, Computing Services

  • Developed long-range computing use and upgrade plans for the law school, including Internet connectivity upgrades, expansion of Novell network and integration with business school computing facilities.
  • Instituted Technology in the Classroom seminar series for faculty development. Promoted and taught classroom technology techniques.
  • Coordinated projects of Novell administrator, computer support specialist, Stuart School of Business network administrator, Unix administrator.
  • Promoted law school technology to internal and external audiences.

Duquesne University
Center for Communication and Information Technology.
600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh PA. July 1993 to June 1995
Educational Computing Consultant

  • Designed, scheduled, and taught over 25 different hands-on workshops for Internet use, networking concepts, multimedia applications and peripherals.
  • Taught a required, one-credit class (EDFDN102) to Education freshmen introducing the uses of technology in the classroom (Spring 95).
  • Taught multimedia workshops through the Division of Continuing Education and the Small Business Development Center to businesspeople in the tri-state area.
  • Worked closely with the Center for Teaching Excellence to encourage use of technology in teaching as a part of the University’s vision.
  • Organized and implemented “Teaching with Technology” fairs that illustrated to many academic departments how and why to use multimedia and the Internet in academic settings.
  • Worked with faculty to train students for Internet and productivity programs specific to their coursework.
  • Conducted new faculty training sessions and student computer orientations at the beginning of each semester. Also developed and implemented a training course for computer lab assistants.

Multimedia Project Manager/Designer

  • Designed and authored multimedia promotional and class materials for faculty and CCIT.
  • Managed the University’s Multimedia Development Center including scheduling, instruction, and troubleshooting.
  • Designed and maintained the University Web, including development of graphics, content and links for College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts and CCIT.
  • Designed a “viewbook on a disk” for the admissions office recruiting staff.
  • Managed loan program for portable multimedia presentation equipment.
  • Assisted faculty in the Development Center with use of equipment, design theories and authoring how-to.
  • Assisted with Help Desk questions and e-mail.
  • Wrote user documentation for faculty, staff and students, including a team effort on the 200 page Guide to VAX/VMS users manual.

Telerama Public Access Internet.
301 Shiloh Street, Pittsburgh, PA. March 1991 to May 1995
Director, Telerama School.

  • Developed and taught weekly, live, online training classes to customers ranging in age from 15 to 68. These classes provided hands-on exercises combined with lecture and discussion using IRC as a “lecture hall” and the Screen windowing program to provide simultaneous access to IRC and the tool of the week. Designed and implemented an online tutorial system based upon the weekly online classes.
  • Developed and taught live hands-on workshops. The most popular of these was the “Building a Web Page” class, in which participants built a prototype home page and learned about design considerations.
  • Wrote and produced a New User’s Guide
  • Coordinated monthly New User’s Seminars on Sunday mornings. In addition to coffee and doughnuts, new Telerama customers were given demonstrations, hints, tips and lots of answers to their questions.
  • Created the original Telerama web site, the “Telerama WWW Hotel,” and the” Telerama Neighborhood Gopher” as springboards for new customers.

Foxholly Studios.
25 Dilworth Street, Pittsburgh, PA. March 1991 to July 1994
Graphic Designer and Copywriter.

  • Worked with small businesses, multinational corporations and the performing arts community to design brochures, newsletters, catalogues and other print materials.
  • Brought print projects from concept to completion.
  • Managed all business aspects of this one-woman, part-time graphic design company.

McCrerey Farm, Inc.
Claysville, PA. September 1992 to June 1995

  • Manufactured hand crafted heirloom quality natural fiber products such as felts, yarns and knitted goods.
  • Provided mohair, angora and wool to craftspeople from our flock of goats, rabbits and sheep.
  • Developed advertising and marketing materials.

EMCO Foodservice Systems, Inc.
1910 Cochran Road, Pittsburgh, PA. August 1989 to February 1991
Marketing Assistant

  • Founded and managed a group of desktop publishers and graphic artists in the marketing department of this foodservice cooperative.
  • Wrote and produced two nationally distributed newsletters.
  • Worked under tight deadlines to produce print materials for internal and external clients.
  • Responsibilities included conceptualization, copywriting, graphic design, training staff and negotiating with vendors.
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