February 22, 2004
Windy Day

Today was the perfect sort of early-spring day to open all the windows and air everything out, so now the apartment is tidy and my sheets and towels smell fresh and clean.

Before my housekeeping binge, I sat out on the veranda and painted for a while. It was more art therapy than Art but I had an adventure while I was painting. The wind picked up and one of the cardboard canvases I’d laid on the wall to dry blew off and landed in the neighbor’s garden. Oops!

I trotted downstairs to fetch my painting from our French neighbors who had a baby girl not long after we moved in. Now 18 months old, she watched me cautiously and smiled a little as I walked through their living room to the garden and retrieved my canvas.

Later on, my breeze-animated pillowcases swept a jellyjar-cum-candleholder off the veranda. It crashed into the other downstairs neighbor’s yard. I don’t think anyone lives in that apartment, so I’ll let the “janitor room” know about the broken glass when they come in to work tomorrow.

Posted by kuri at February 22, 2004 10:17 PM


I know people have died for art but yours seems more like a weapon!

Posted by: Dad on February 24, 2004 05:39 AM
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