January 10, 2004
A Half Diet

Holiday feasting has taken its toll on my figure. It’s time to reduce a bit before I snowball into a citizen of Houston, Texas (American’s fattest city).

My diet’s already pretty well-balanced if you ignore the desserts I scarf. Mainly I just eat too much. So if I continue to eat what I like and cut back the portions, I will lose weight.

Here’s my diet plan:

1. Serve myself half of what I’d usually dish up; if I’m still hungry 20 minutes after half a meal, then I will eat a little more.
2. Order whatever I like on the menu, but in smallest size and eat only half.
3. Pay attention to portion sizes on packaging; eat half of what’s noted.
4. No more beer, and limited wine or spirits.
5. Lots more water—did you know dehydration can be confused with hunger?

I should see a leaner Kristen in about a month or sooner if I get off my butt and exercise some.

Posted by kuri at January 10, 2004 08:07 AM

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