December 28, 2009
Holiday transition

Xmas tree disassembled
The hardcover tree is back on the bookshelf.

I am always keen to finish Christmas as soon as possible. I gather up my gifts the morning after and put them away, write thank you notes without delay, and take down decorations for storage until next time.

Japan agrees with me and I love the change in the vibe of the city after December 25th as everyone moves on from Christmas romance to the family-oriented new year season. By the 26th, Christmas decorations are totally gone and replaced by pine and straw charms. For the next few days everyone is going to be cleaning, paying bills and tying up loose ends before the calendar flips to 2010. People in every situation are cheery and excited. The mood is festive and pleasant in a way pre-Christmas is not.

I am looking forward to visiting the temple on NYE for some warm sake and a bit of soup, then strolling around a nearly deserted city on the first and second of the month. So quiet and peaceful. But for now, I have some cleaning to do!!

Posted by kuri at December 28, 2009 04:05 PM


happy holidays!
I agree with you that Japans cheery holiday is New Years. New Years there feels like Christmas here for me. I will miss Japanese New Year… but I traded it for a lovely Pittsburgh Christmas :)

Posted by: Amanda on December 29, 2009 01:05 PM
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