September 07, 2007
Blow, Fitow, Blow

The rain started at about 6 pm, just on schedule with the predictions. By eight pm Typhoon #9, called Typhoon Fitow elsewhere in Asia, was dumping down and trees were whipping around, but we and the other diners at a Marunouchi restaurant didn’t seem to mind - most hardly noticed. We waited a few minutes for a taxi at nine o’clock, so that we wouldn’t have to walk home from the station.

I went to bed just before the eye of the storm passed over the city and I slept until about 3, when a door in the apartment slammed shut in the wind. Tod had gone outside on the verandah to watch the storm a while. He was soaking wet.

This morning the rain’s falling in gusty bursts, trains are delayed and around town (but not too near us) are the expected post-storm tree falls and flooded areas, but the storm is speeding up north and the sun’s due to shine this afternoon. The sky will be beautifully clear and pollution free.

Posted by kuri at September 07, 2007 07:45 AM

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