June 19, 2007
Illustrated Morsbag Pattern

Download the PDF
(345 KB)

I love the simplicity of the Morsbag pattern, but the original written instructions were not going to work for non-native English speakers. I recreated the pattern from scratch in pictures with minimal text. I think this is pretty easy to follow no matter what language you speak. What do you think?

Posted by kuri at June 19, 2007 04:34 PM


Whoa… Hi Kristen! I got a comment on my blog post about morsbags ( http://kayray.org/2007/07/07/morsbagscom/ ) which led me to swapbot where I noticed the mediatinker address! It’s a small, small, internet :)

Your illustration is perfect! I’ll link back to it.

Posted by: Kara Shallenberg on July 16, 2007 02:11 AM

Oh Thank you so much Mesurments! woot woot.

Posted by: row. on July 21, 2007 10:31 PM

Thanks so much mediatinker!

Posted by: TerryF on July 31, 2007 04:39 AM
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