September 15, 2006
Early Influence

creative perspectivesMy mother sent me an interesting package a few days ago, crammed with schoolwork, report cards and childhood art. Of course I dropped my work to page through everything and I was interested to see something on my report cards that I had never noticed.

My best marks when I was very young were in Reading Aloud. Teachers commented on my performances and stories (a few of which were enclosed in the package).

Mrs. Walder, nursery school: “She…speaks well before the class.”
Mrs Brinster, kindergarten: “She…is completely at ease in performing before the class”
Miss Karatosis, 1st grade: “She is becoming quite a storywriter.”

I think these small nods influenced me deeply. In sixth grade, I wrote the Christmas play and performed as MC for the spring school program. And my work now involves reading aloud, writing and performing. But I wonder if my weakest subjects, math & physical education, had been positively remarked upon in 1973, if I’d be more able and skilled in those areas as an adult?

Do you recall any positive youthful encouragement that still holds influence on your creativity? Do you give any to children in your life?

Posted by kuri at September 15, 2006 11:52 AM

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