July 14, 2006
In a summer mood

creative perspectivesI woke this morning to an in-brain concert of Ella crooning “Too Darn Hot.” At 7 am, it was 28.3 (about 83ºF) with a likely high of 34 (93ºF). The hot and humid summer is upon us and I’m not enjoying it. I’ll spend the next three months waiting for things to cool off again.

Two mornings ago, I was trudging across town slowly working up a sticky sweat. My mood was turning sour as I turned pink. Then I thought about all my friends who just love summer. They crave the sun, the warmth, the freedom they feel in the hot weather. If they can love it, shouldn’t I be able to, too?

So I tried it on. I love summer. I thought about all the nicest summer icons - watermelon, shaved ice, picnics, cold drinks, fireworks, seaside holidays, boating, bathing suits, well-muscled lifeguards.

And you know what? My mood changed. The weight of the sun beating down on my shoulders lifted a little. I felt more comfortable, cooler, happier. It didn’t last too long, but I tried again later and sustained a happy mood a few minutes more. Exercising a change in perspective may be the way to make summer not only bearable but enjoyable.

I’m persuaded that seeing things from another point of view is an effective way to change your thoughts and mood. Next I’ll try to apply this technique to my feelings about certain projects that have me frustrated and worn out.

Posted by kuri at July 14, 2006 07:52 AM


For me, a camping trip early in summer, or even a couple of solid days out in the sun does something to my internal temperature, resets it somehow and makes me much more comfortable with the humidity. Ive been hoping the same thing would happen with Adelaide winter, esp since Aussies seem to spend so much damn time outside no matter what the weather, but nope, hasnt happened yet. The most annoying thing is that i can feel that its actually warmer here than Tokyo in winter, but I cant get properly warm… In Tokyo, at some stage in the day you know you will be warm right thru, hot even, but not here!

I used to hate summer and its inescapable heat. But then winter started to bring back pain, and summer became much more appealing…

Posted by: j-ster on July 15, 2006 11:49 AM

I usually spend the last month or so of Winter thinking of all the fun things one does in Summer… then, when Summer finally rolls around, I discover it’s too darn hot to go out and actually DO all of those things. Then, I start to think of all the fun things one does in Winter, and…

Well, you get the idea.

Perhaps I should devote more energy to appreciating the here and now. The next season will come, whether I wish for it or not.

Posted by: Jeff Lawson on July 15, 2006 01:48 PM
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