May 19, 2006
What do you see?

creative perspectivesWhen you look at a scene, an event or a person, what do you see? Where is your eye drawn? What runs through your mind - consciously or subconsciously? These are hard questions to answer, but I think they are important to improving your creativity. If you know what you naturally prefer, you can strengthen it, or choose to focus elsewhere for a break or a new perspective.

I’ve been studying my friends’ photos and artworks lately to try to figure out what they see - their creative visions.

Jeremy sees light and shadows played on textured surfaces.

Jim finds old styles in modern places.

Lil sees humanity in the non-majority and the elegance of structure.

Julianne is attracted to color and form.

These are just some representatives of four large bodies of work. By looking more closely I’m uncovering (perceived) secrets of what makes them tick - and I’m starting to discover what I see - color, edges and relationships.

Posted by kuri at May 19, 2006 03:37 PM


When I turn into a Kajin, a Tanka poet, it is the most important issue. A bit longer than Haiku, but still Tanka has only 31 syllables. You will, though, surprise when 31 syllables can cover a much more than you first thought. Then you gradually start to realize you have to learn to focus to impress people.

Posted by: sayaka on May 20, 2006 05:28 PM
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