March 28, 2006
Package redelivery


Japan’s post office is very efficient. If you’re not home when they deliver a parcel, they leave a slip with several options to get the package to you: stop by the post office in person, return a postcard telling them when and were to bring your box, make a phone call (in Japanese or English), or fill in a form online.

Today I figured out how to navigate the online system in Japanese. Here are instructions in English, so that you can do it, too. [nb: You must be able to type in Japanese with your computer]


Go directly to the Redelivery Request Page or navigate from the Japan Post Home Page to 再配達のお申し込み受付


redelivery1.jpg Step 1 (click for larger version)

STEP 1: Indicate what kind of parcel it is (as marked on the slip they left), whether is is regular or express mail, and where you want it redelivered. Then click the button marked 次へ進む to go to the next step.


redelivery2.jpg Step 2 (click for larger version)

STEP 2: On this screen, you must fill in your name and address where you want the package delivered. If you fill in the postal code and click the button next to it, the address is partially completed for you. Next comes the date the package was first delivered, folloowed by your phone number. Section 2.1 asks for the slip number. Click the button marked 次へ進むto go to the next step.


redelivery3.jpg Step 3 (click for larger version)

STEP 3: Choose a date and time for redelivery. Click the button marked 次へ進む to go to the next step.


redelivery4.jpg Step 4 (click for larger version)

STEP 4: Check your work. If there’s a mistake, click the button marked 前へ戻る to go back a page at a time and make corrections. If everything is OK, click 登録する. On the final screen, you will see 受付を完了しました (completed) and will be given a confirmation number to use if there are any problems with the redelivery.

Posted by kuri at March 28, 2006 10:42 AM


This is great. And I know it will come in handy soon! あるがとう.
I sent off some craft-swaps on Monday, and I was able to give people the tracking number and the English tracking page on the Japan Post site.

It’s great service!

Thanks for this walk-through

Posted by: heather on March 28, 2006 10:44 PM

How timely I have to do this today.

I am sick to death of the set up of most online forms in Japanese. This requirement to use single byte kana is enough to drive one totally nuts. Especially when you are typing in English!

There has to be a better way.

Also a side comment - if you decide to call to get yor package be prepared for a very fast speaking Japanese female voice - who will sound pissed off at you if you don’t enter the numbers they want quick enough.


Posted by: MJ on April 10, 2006 12:54 PM
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