January 13, 2006
Changing all the art

creative perspectivesWe’ve renewed our lease for another two years, so it’s time to make some changes around the house. Because the sofa is slowly disintegrating, I need to either reupholster it, or buy a new couch, which means I can think of redecorating the living room.

One small thing that will make a big difference in the room is changing the art. There’s not a lot hanging on the walls, and even fewer objet on shelves, but what we have is so familiar that it’s easy to ignore it.

I think I’ll replace the two small ink drawings in the living room with one quite large piece—maybe something I paint myself. Also I’ve been playing with sheet metal this week and I see possibilities for a sculptural lamp made from the scraps of my current project.

And moving around some of the other photos and prints scattered around the other rooms should give the whole apartment a bit of a lift. Fun!

This project gives me a double creative dose. Not only to I get to design the new look of my interior, but I will be making the works I want. Maybe you can redecorate one of your rooms with some of your artistic endeavors and we can share before/after photos?

Posted by kuri at January 13, 2006 03:29 PM


I just took down a bunch of poorly framed artwork from my living room walls. Now the wall is just empty, and I’m planning what to do next. It’s January in my head and house.

Posted by: Jenn on January 22, 2006 08:23 AM
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