November 25, 2005

creative perspectivesThe other night I had a dream about a friend blowing soap bubbles for me as I delightedly chased them around a grassy lawn. The bubbles started out small and numerous but he combined them into bigger and bigger bubbles. I caught a silvery-grey one nearly as tall as me and balanced it on my head. It was viscous and slightly rubbery but delicate and thin and it eventually burst all over me. I woke up then, but I was happy.

Dream bubbles

Today in real life I burst another kind of bubble and I must say I’m feeling happier. I’ve been keeping a secret from one of my best friends for nearly two years but this afternoon I told her everything. Now my good friend is able to put my odd moods and bizarre behaviours into context. I’m not a total nutter, at least not in the way she imagined.

So it seems that dreams can be not only creative springboards, but springboards for finding real-life actions that express the dreams. Although the dream friend who blew the bubbles that delighted me and the real friend who asked me to keep the secret are not the same person, I can see how bubbles (of delight or deceit) that start small can grow into something huge. But they never last.

I don’t know if telling my secret will change my creativity. I feel unburdened, but to be honest, I’m a little worried that my self-restraint was partly fuelling my abstract drawings. Without the stress of keeping silent, will I lose my ablity to create as I have been?

Posted by kuri at November 25, 2005 10:57 PM


Something else from the “back room” of the brain will replace it, don’t worry. (The back room is where all the good stuff comes from…)

What a great dream, and I LOVE your drawing of it, and that you took the time to draw it.

Posted by: Jenn on November 26, 2005 10:02 PM
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