November 03, 2005
Doing with Dreams

creative perspectivesWhat do you do with your dreams?

I sometimes have dreams with good storylines. They could be expanded into a short story—sometimes they even feel like a film. But usually I forget them upon waking. And when I do recall them, I don’t usually act upon them.

My sister keeps a dream journal. Other friends do as well. But what do they do with their dreams after they write them down? Is the writing an exercise in emptying the brain? Or does it somehow cement the ideas and allow the creative artist to use them?

Here’s a dream I had this week. What could I do with this?

A secret band of people were poisoning doctors and teachers (and others) with gas emitted from clock-radios. The gas worked very strangely: if you breathed fresh air, it worked faster; if you stayed in a sealed room with the gas it killed you more slowly. If you only breathed a tiny, tiny bit, then escaped into the fresh air you might survive, but since the gas was odorless, that didn’t usually happen. So you had to decide what to do - stay in and die or go out and die.

When I discovered I was in a poisoned room, I held my breath and started collecting things to take outside with me—I remember grabbing the Zous to keep them safe.

There was an antidote, but since the killers were targetting doctors, nobody knew how to administer it.

I suppose I could start that secret band of poisoners. It was highly effective.

Posted by kuri at November 03, 2005 12:12 PM


One possiblity for a plot, of course, is that this is what they want the doctors to believe; there actually is no such gas, and it’s all part of a con scheme on rich doctors:-)

Posted by: Kimura on November 4, 2005 09:00 PM

I’m not sure about the short story ending, but it sounds like a fart-under-the-covers-then-cover-the-significant-other-with-the-doona beginning to me.

Posted by: womble on November 16, 2005 08:38 PM
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